At UNC-Asheville I majored in English and then settled in at Michelin Tire Corp. in Spartanburg, SC. After a stint in Personnel, I moved into the Electrical Engineering Dept. and had to learn some AutoCad Design. Years later I took a job with Allen Testproducts and learned about automotive diagnostics.

Next I opted out of the biz world and stayed home with my two sons, making sure they got my grandmothers' work ethic. Then four years later, back to grad school and teaching high school and college students. 

I love teaching because my students continually pushed me to keep foraging for stronger and more dynamic, authentic, relevant curriculum--darn, it's a challenge to compete with cell phones that stimulate the mind with constant texts, Facebook, tweets, and Instagram updates. My students pushed me into P90 and Insanity workouts, into Mos Def Slam Poetry and Into The Wild and Paulo Coelho novel journeys; into bioufuel exploration and green chemistry. Once the Warhorse recipes started working for local folks, it became clear that I needed to jump and walk-the-walk of the entrepreneurial explorer, the same lessons I tried to share with my almost-graduated-but-afraid-of-the-future seniors. Just as UNC's Dr. Joseph DeSimone proclaimed in a teaching workshop: "We need risk-takers, teachers who are ready to jump." 

So I jumped.  I immersed myself into my own research incubator, into all things biofuels, glycerin, age-old ingredients, and tweaking formulas using whole ingredients. In 2007, the soap-making, research, and green chemistry evolved into Warhorse Solutions. Biofuels chemistry became a state supported science class at Polk County High School, and continuing to grow with the help of Clemson University sustainability professor, David Thornton. Immersed in green chemistry and innovating value-added products from renewable agriculture feed stocks, Warhorse manufactures natural, value driven cleaning product lines for applications in industrial, pet, equestrian, and personal care markets. Warhorse is on the moving, trotting out beyond his Polk County, NC pasture. We're grateful for all the local support to keep this horse moving.