equine shampoo has helped us fight..."Florida fungus"

I was introduced to this unique line of products last year thanks to a good friend of mine, Randi Goulding. Since then I have seen these products work wonders in all different areas of the barn whether it be washing our horses, hands, or tack! The equine shampoo has helped us fight against skin problems and "Florida fungus" with the best results I've seen in my 10 years of wintering in Wellington!

Ashley Perkins Dressage   May 3, 2017



giving back to you and your animals

I use Warhorse equine shampoo as well as the hand soap myself on a daily basis.  It's is one of the best soaps that I have used for both my animals and myself.  You get a clean  feel without feeling like you have stripped all of the oils away.  You truly feel like the soap is giving back to you and your animals and the best part is that is all natural!

Wellness is so important to me,  my horses and dogs as they are my family/children.  I am so thrilled to be able to use your products.  

Kelly Soleau  April 11, 2017

...superior to any whitening product

Using the WARHORSE products has made our grooming and cleaning techniques much more effective. Particularly when using the shampoo on a white or grey horse! The luster and deep clean is far superior to any whitening products we have used in the past! If there is a stain it just melts away without extreme scrubbing that may irritate the skin. On top of the cleaning power it conditions and nourishes the skin and hair instead of drying.
Jennifer Hannan    Ocean Echo Farm  

makes them shine...while not drying out my skin

I love using the Warhorse Multipurpose Cleaner on my trucks, it really makes them shine! I was skeptical at first, thinking that most cleaners are the same- but I was proven wrong. The natural oils make the water bead up on my truck’s paint like it’s been freshly waxed, and my aluminum wheels glisten. The WMC does all of that while not drying out my skin. Not only is it safe to use anywhere around the farm - it smells great too. 

Colin Syquia, Eurasia Inc.

healthiness of their skin

Dear Tawana,

The Warhorse Equine Shampoo is working well- so well that I need more. My grooms and horses love it! I am so happy with my horses’ appearance and the healthiness of their skin. Being on the road, competing in various weather and footing conditions presents many opportunities for skin issues such as scratches and/or scurf to arise. Since starting using Warhorse Equine Shampoo we haven’t had one case of either, which is incredible!!! I have won a Grand Prix since starting using your products. Thank you.

Colin Syquia   Eurasia Inc  

Uses Real Food Ingredients

My friend Randi Goulding, the barn manager for Green River Farm, told me about an equine shampoo from WARHORSE  she was using that she loved and did not contain any red flag ingredients. Warhorse uses real food ingredients in their shampoos like sunflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil plus tea tree oil, sea salts with glycerin and essential oils. War Horse products are certified non-GMO by the Non GMO Project, and tested clean of glyphosates and pesticides.

I was intrigued!  So I bought a bottle of Warhorse Equine Shampoo and Conditioner, and tried it on my little terrier, Yoda.

I have tried so many shampoos on Yoda, searching for something that would reduce the oily/smelly skin that requires her to be bathed every week. A raw diet and colostrum has stopped the chronic itching but not the stinky, greasy coat. I plunked her in the sink, and applied the shampoo…the first thing I noticed was how wonderful it smelled, then how it felt on my hands. After I toweled her dry and let her sit in the sun, her coat was amazing: soft, shiny, and healthy.
Cynthia Montague