It's Super Food for Skin and Coat.

Lauren Kennerly works with Hank at Cherokee Hill Farms in Tryon, NC, and today he got his first beauty treatment in a while, and she let us know how it went: “Hank had a bath and looks great. His mane and tail feel awesome. The soap washes out so well.” Hank’sa big, beautiful Belgian that just got under the saddle last year.  He’s doing well. Hank’s mane and tail are a challenge—a heavy, thick mane that holds in heat.

Warhorse has been looking for unique “cases” to really test our equine cleanser.  While other horses have been nurtured by our all natural, uniquely formulated cleanser, Hank the Tank is a great test.  Lauren Kennerly, trainer and instructor, lathered him up with our natual recipe. It’s Super Food for Skin and Coat. And wait until you feel it on your own skin as well.  Made from a sustainble process using green energy. Formula has been tested and used by veterinarians and horse owners for the past 4 years.