Used to treat a client's horse for a dermatitis condition.

I have been treating a client’s horse for a dermatitis condition. The horse was making matters worse by self inflicting additional wounds to appease the itching.  I recommended Warhorse Equine Wash along with additional treatments for the wounds.  Under the owners observations, the mare improved using the product.  The wash was soothing and moisturizing to the skin relieving the itching.  

I recommended Warhorse Equine Wash to a client in the Hilton Head, SC area.  Living in the coastal regions can be more difficult for horses dealing with flies.  The client has noticed a marked improvement in the condition of the coats of her horses.  The coats appear much healthier and have a great sheen to them.

~ Rich Metcalf, DMV Tryon Equine, Columbus, NC