"Warhorse saves wear and tear on trucks for Concrete Co."


From all of us at Ameri-con Materials, we want to say "Thank You" for this product. We are a ready-mix concrete plant, and if you've ever been around this type of business, let le me tell you, dirt and dust are just a way of life. Concrete dust is not an easy substance to remove, so when we were given a sample of Warhorse, we gladly gave it a try--but wasn't really sure about how good it would work. A lot of GREEN products I have used in the past, at home and at the our facility, just don't work! To say the least, we were surprised with what we saw.  This natural product removes all the concrete dust, bugs, tar, grease and oil that our trucks run into daily. Another benefit is it keeps the bolts, metal, and other moving parts from rusting, plus lays a protective barrier over the surfaces and continues to repel dust. Warhorse actually gives us around an extra week, give or take, between washes. Time is precious, so anything that allows for less work, we are all for it!  We use it for all our general cleaning needs at work and home.  As an environmentally conscious company, we are looking for safer products to use. Warhorse Works!  

~ Happy Cleaning, Tina Deck, VP Ameri-con Materials, Rutherfordton, N.C.