Cleaned more than just my leather.

I’m a neighbor of someone who agreed to try some of your glycerin cleaning soap.

I’m very glad I did.  I love it. I tried it first on my tired-looking stainless steel kitchen sinks.  Nice.  Then I did the cook top.  Even nicer.

Some time went by. I had run out of my (previous) favorite cleaning product, Murphy’s Oil Soap, and tried the soap on our cherry wood floors.  I don’t like to use harsh products on the wood and this was perfect.

I just finished working on my riding boots and dressage saddle and feel the need to e-mail you about the results. Spectacular!  The saddle has two different kinds of leather: one is smooth and the other has a grain. The grainy part has always been a challenge to get right.  It looks like new!

As if that weren’t enough, I had a little left and tried it on our glass shower stall doors.  They also have a grainy surface that holds on to mineral deposits from the soap & water and never really looks clean, even with scrubbing.  It does now, and I didn’t have to scrub. 

So, I’m a believer.  How do I get a supply??