"A man's mission is his ride."

Everyone knows a man’s passion in the south usually consists of "his ride”. Well, my truck just happens to be a heavy passion of mine, and along with that passion I like to maintain and take care of it. Like everything else is today’s world, we have options, whether it’s what brand/flavor of potato chip you want to endure, or in this case, what type of cleaner/soap you want to use. I personally have tried all different types of brands of cleaning solutions, from the most expensive, to the least expensive, to the in between expensive. They all have something good to offer but I never could find the one that had it all! Well, for about 4-6 months now, Warhorse All-Purpose Cleaner has been the only cleaning solution I have needed. Out of all the different types of cleaners and soaps I have used, Warhorse has been the only one that can actually cut the road grime and dirt, but also still leave that nice shine. Oh, it smells good and it’s safe to use too!

~ Christian Miller, Tryon, N.C.  Tryon Fire Department Asst. Chief Christian Miller