Areas with bugs, heavy tar and road oils, and it's amazing how easily it cleans these areas.


Amanda, Tawana, and Lindsey,

We have been using some of your products for the past several months and are very pleased with the performance for many reasons.
We found the soap for vehicles works great as a general cleaner and leaves a nice shine without harsh agents.  When use it to pretreat areas with bugs, heavy tar and road oils, and it's amazing how easily it cleans these areas. 
Even after hours of cleaning, my hands feel so soft.
We are currently using your product at our business on our horse trailers, race cars, farm trucks and cars.  We have also found that your product works well on tires for mud removal. 
I'm sending you some pictures of the results.
At home I use your body and hand soap with the exfoliating agents daily for hand cleaning and when bathing for my feet, legs and elbows.  I love how well it softens my skin while cleaning.
We were also pleased with the pet shampoo.  Our new puppy has the most beautiful brown coat and after his bath with your shampoo, his coat glowed.  I also did not notice any drying of his skin or him scratching.  So we are happy to find a product for animals that cleans without harmful effects.
Thank you so much for allowing us to try all of your products for which we are very pleased and will be using them for all our cleaning needs.
We have been in business for 40 years and love having a local company to supply us with all of our cleaning products.
July 17, 2013. Also, washed this truck with Warhorse this week. No water marks and wheels sparkled.  The trailer cleaned up beautifully too.

~ Sincerely, Autumn L. Stott, Larry Stott's Garage and Trailer Sales & Service  NC