"Now it is my main household cleaner and laundry detergent."


I started using Warhorse soap several years ago.  I first used it on the vehicles and was amazed out how well it worked.  It removed all the black goo from the trees off my horse trailers and the suicidal bugs off my vehicles.  I pulled the mats out of the back of the horse trailers, cleaned them, and cleaned out the entire back area.  Looks NEW!  Now it is my main household cleaner and laundry detergent.  I had a syringe explode on me while giving a horse a shot and was splattered with blood.  It removed all the blood stains from my shirt.  I also use it to wash my dogs and horses.  Best of all (being a horse person) it is the best tack cleaner and condition I have ever used.  I have gone from a pantry in the house and tack shelf in the barn full of cleaners to one cleaner for everything.  Thanks!

~ Patti Lovelace, Red Oak Farm, Tryon, NC