Our entire restaurant has switched to this amazing product.


Presently, I work in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia at the B. Matthews Eatery, in a building and kitchen that dates back to the late 1700's.  With maybe 4 oz. of this green cleaner, the crew and I cleaned our entire line (steam tables, coolers, flat top, fryers, oven, etc.) I was shocked at how effortlessly the grease came off of everything, and it works on every surface in our restaurant!

After a month or so of using WARHORSE, our entire restaurant has switched to this amazing product.  From scrubbing floors and cleaning fryers in one, of the oldest kitchens in Savannah to polishing the antique wood of Georgia's oldest bar, WARHORSE is the most versatile product in our family of restaurants and bars now.  Weekly, it seems we find a new use for it, and the most amazing part is how gentle and green the product is.  No harmful chemicals and the list of what’s in the soap reads like a recipe. Other restaurants are using it too and luckily we get it delivered to Savannah.

~ Wes Sessoms, B. Matthews Eatery, Savannah, GA