"WARHORSE is the choice of professional cleaners."

I have been cleaning houses and businesses  professionally since 1999.  I am always looking for products that make my job easier and that are safe and non toxic.  Cleaning 3 to 4 houses a day I need products that are all natural so that I am not breathing in fumes that make me sick.  I have been using Warhorse now for several years and I LOVE it!

Warhorse is an amazing product.  I dilute some in a spray bottle and use it on everything.  It is a wonderful degreaser for the kitchen messes and it works wonders in the bathroom too!  It is phenomenal on soap scum in showers.  I just spray warhorse in the shower and then clean the rest of the bathroom and when I get back to the shower the soap scum just rinses off with little effort.  If there are serious soap scum issues I sometimes use it full strength.  It even works on shower doors!

I use warhorse for washing my cleaning rags and my clothes.  I just use a little bit in my washer and it cleans a whole load.  I use in on tough stains full strength.  I put warhorse directly on the stain and then wet it and massage it into the stain, let it sit awhile on stubborn stains then scrub and throw in the wash and it and the whole load comes out clean!

My favorite scent is the mint and I do not like to run out of my warhorse!!  It goes a long way and lasts but, with my cleaning business and the messes at home I use alot of warhorse and it still lasts a  long time it is super concentrated. 

Thank you for Warhorse it is my favorite product!!

~ Angie Miller, Columbus, N.C.