"It's back to looking like her shiny puppy coat, before her allergies developed."

Yes!! I got my order safe and sound.  
I’ve actually had time to use both the unscented and the lemon/lavender scent on my 15 month old black lab.   She has SEVERE allergies.  I had her tested in May and she came back with severe allergies to dust mites and storage mites (of all things), and mild allergies to ragweed and several types of fungus.  Keeping her BLACK coat shiny and healthy has been quite a challenge to say the least.  We’ve started using a Rainbow vacuum (it has a water reservoir to trap mites), as well as washing our bedding and hers weekly.  We also change the air filters way more frequently and purchased a large, in-home air purifier. Even with all these additional measures, her skin and coat still looked dull and she always appeared uncomfortable (scratching, licking, etc).  Since using your shampoo (in addition to everything else), her skin and coat looks great!! It’s back to looking like her shiny puppy coat, before her allergies developed.  I haven’t noticed any balding/peeling/dry areas after only two uses and I haven’t noticed her itching near as much as she used to!  She genuinely looks much better...and much more comfortable and happy.  Thank you for making a product I can use for her. All of the other shampoos I’ve tried (Oatmeal, Hypoallergenic, Medicated, etc.) have done nothing more than dry her skin out even worse.  Thanks again for such a great product!  You will forever have a dedicated customer from me and Maci (my lab)! =)