"I used your pet shampoo on my cat and it works fabulously."

I’ve been meaning to get you pictures of my horses and dogs after a Warhorse bath, but I didn’t know I would be bathing a cat with it.  This is a cat that I cannot do anything with but love on him. If I take him to work to get his shots he turns into 18 pounds of fluffy meanness but yet he SAT still and let my 4 year old grandson slather him with Aquafresh toothpaste. Green, red and white streaks all over. His hair is long so I had to shave him but the toothpaste was to the skin. I used your pet shampoo and it works fabulously. He wasn’t a very happy cat but he looks and smells great.

~ Keri Jenkins, Cloverfield Vet, Tryon, NC