"a product I feel good about using"

There are a lot of great things  I can say about  Warhorse products as well as the owner. I have used the pet shampoo, Pure Gold and the soap products, and I am equally impressed with them all. The shampoo works perfectly as a shampoo & conditioner on my dogs, and is a product I feel good about using.

The hand soap smells awesome and really does leave hands nice and soft. We placed the hand soap in the bathrooms at our trade show and even the men commented on it, completely unprompted I might add.

 As for the Pure Gold, it is appropriately named! When I read the uses for Pure Gold, I wanted to see how it would work in my shower, especially the glass door. Pure Gold worked great to clean my shower, and all the soap scum came right off the glass door! The best part is, I was not coughing my brains out from harmful fumes as I have from other harsh cleaning products I have used in the past. I only wish I could have started using Pure Gold years ago!

 Tawana’s mission to use natural, local, safe, and effective ingredients is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Warhorse products. On a personal level, I am truly impressed with what she has accomplished, and I am thrilled to have her products to sell to our customers. As an independent distributor who supports independent pet stores, Warhorse is a product our stores should be excited to have available to their consumers. SoutheastPet introduced Warhorse at our show in April and the response was incredible, we could not be happier!

Thanks Tawana, I genuinely mean every word of it!


Jennifer L. Stevens

Inside Sales Manager