left my face moist and free of makeup

I have to share an unexpected use for your hand soap. I am using it in my bathroom right now.  I love love love it. It's my absolute favorite soap. I was absent minded last night thinking of too many things and I used the unscented soap on my face to take off my makeup. The soap took off my make up better than anything I am currently using, including Lancome’s famous makeup remover.  It left my face moist and clean and complete free of makeup.I will be using this going forward and I had to share it with you. I am a huge fan and you just saved me a lot money in buying multiple products as well as safe products.

Kind Regards,

Cheryl Sarno

makes me look forward to taking a shower

Warhorse soaps have changed the way I look at "all in one" soap products.

First, the quality of Warhorse products is top-notch. I really pay attention to labels. I do my best to only use human, animal, and environmentally friendly products. It's important to me and should be important to EVERYONE. Even the bottles are high quality. I love being able to refill the pump bottle, not only to save money but to do what I can for the environment.

Second, Warhorse's Hand and Body wash is wonderful! The lather is silky and substantial. I can feel the high quality clean I'm getting. On top of that, it rinses clean and is an amazingly clean and effective "clarifying shampoo.

Third, the price and availability are unmatched for these high quality products. 

It makes me look forward to taking a shower.

Lindsey Molles

didn't think to pack hand soap....

I discovered your soap when I was using the bathing station at the Whole Dog Market in Sandy Springs to bathe my miniature poodle Sam. It smelled so amazing while I was washing him, that as soon as I finished and walked out, I asked the girls who work there ,what kind of shampoo it was. I ended up walking out with both the 32 oz bottle of dog shampoo and a bottle of hand soap. Then I ended up coming back a few weeks later to get a second bottle of hand soap for upstairs, and dragged a friend along who bought two bottles for her house. As if that doesn’t make me obsessed enough, I recently called you to try to find a store nearby that sells your soap when I went on vacation and didn’t think to pack handsoap. Alas, because not everyone has discovered your amazing soap, there isn’t a store near by carrying it, but I will remember to bring mine with me next time I come to FL.

Emily Robinson  April 12, 2017

clean seven water bottles later...

This product is fantastic, I had an instance were I had no water in my house for two days and I had to use water bottles (seven to be exact) to shower. so I wanted to test warhorse and see what it could do. I used very little of this product and I was clean seven water bottles later. The best part was my skin was hydrated. II was beyond impressed. I was even able to shave my face after, and I have a thick beard. Since then I have only been using warhorse. Even now the more I use warhorse the more benefits I can feel within my skin. from the glow, to not having to deal with dry skin. I have yet to find something that this product can’t do. I will use warhorse forever and tell my friends about this all natural product that helped me get through two days of not showering to smelling fresh and feeling new all over again.

Cary Littlejohn   March 23, 2017

we take all products that patients use on their skin very seriously

Dr. Kristine Profeta Gedroic is a fierce competitor--with Ably at Wellington years ago, and now as an innovative doctor and mother to 3 boys.
I feel compelled to share my thoughts regarding a terrific natural soap product I and my patients are currently benefiting from. Warhorse Solutions makes natural, vegetable glycerin based soaps for all cleaning purposes. At the Gedroic Medical Institute, we take all products that patients use on their skin very seriously.  The skin is the body’s largest organ and therefore, what we put on it matters.  Warhorse is the only soap I personally, as well as countless patients, have ever used where my skin actually gets softer and feels more moisturized with each use.  Because I see patients all day, I must wash my hands many, many times.  In the past, particularly in the winter, my hands would become very chapped and the skin would split and bleed by the end of the day, until I desperately found some lotion.  With Warhorse, my hands and skin became so soft that I no longer needed lotion.  I really couldn’t believe it.  The first time I used Warhorse on my hands they started chapped and cracked in the morning and by noon they were soft, just by using soap!  No lotion.  Could that really be?  But this is what all of my patients find after using Warhorse.  And, it out performs other soaps in terms of cleaning ability so we feel comfortable with it in a medical office.  Despite its strength however, it is tolerated by our most chemically sensitive patients, as well as those with skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.  In fact, it has become one of our first recommendations for these patients, to switch to Warhorse.
Kristine Gedroic, MD  
Founder, The Gedroic Medical Institute                      
Assistant Professor Rutgers University - Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory  Disease

Dr. Kristine Gedroic received her degree in Biochemistry from Harvard University.  She completed her medical degree at Thomas Jefferson University. She began as a resident in plastic surgery at Cornell University in New York City and later switched paths to pursue Integrative Medicine. She completed a Family Practice Residency at Overlook Hospital in New Jersey and then pursued fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. In 2010 she received board certification from the American Board of Medical Acupuncture.

reptilian cracking winter skin

I’m a believer in your products — tried a free sample at Rosewood Market in Columbia SC a few months ago and it was so good I actually bought some for myself (the lemon verbena hand soap). Instead of my usual reptilian cracking winter skin, I now have ... regular skin!! Because I liked it so much, I gave my daughter in Atlanta a container of it for her birthday recently. :)

Meredith Sterling

Your products are AMAZING! Thank IGA in Tryon for this email!

We live in Ormond Beach Fla but have a cabin in Lake Lure.  When visiting we always go to our favorite grocery store; the IGA in Tryon.  We were there recently and your Bodywash caught my attention..  While going through the check out line, the Manager so highly recommended your Cleaning Soap that we bought a bottle of that as well.

To say we were impressed would be an understatement.  He was so right!  We kept trying it on different types of cleaning jobs and couldn’t believe the results.  Anyway, after returning to Florida, we bought online two bottles of the Bodywash and a gallon of the Cleaning Soap as we cannot wait to share with family and friends.

Thank you for the time and effort spent in developing these products and sharing them with the general public.  My husband and I wish you much success..

Alice Butcka

I Even Use it as Shampoo.

My family loves Warhorse body wash.  I even use it as shampoo. I thought maybe it would make my hair look as good as my dog’s fur after using the Pet Shampoo on him!  As usual, I was right. I have had itchy scalp for years and I always had to use conditioner on my thick coarse hair.  Now all I use is Warhorse and I love it!

- Tara Lee, Co-Owner of Burnsville Health & Nutrition in Burnsville, NC

I have not had issues with dry skin.

I used to have to apply lotion to my arms once every few days but sense I’ve started using Warhorse body wash I have not had issues with dry skin. I also love how I can clean my shower while taking a shower. After I’m clean i just take my brush an scrub any areas needed, the wife loves it! It’s honestly an awesome product!

~ Michael Champion

It cleans skin thoroughly and gently, leaves hands soft and has a great light lemon scent.

I recommend the entire line of Warhorse products. Not only are they environmentally safe, they are really effective! The Hand Soap is one of my favorites. It cleans skin thoroughly and gently, leaves hands soft and has a great light lemon scent. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner was great for washing my horse turnout blankets. Not only did it cut through the caked on mud, manure and smells; it left the waterproofing intact. I can’t wait to try the whole product line!”
Cheryl King, ARIA Certified Dressage Instructor, Greenville, S.C. Retail Manager, Tryon International Equestrian Center, Tryon, N.C.

Washed away stubborn sunscreen!

Every time I use my Warhorse Body Wash, I wonder what in the world I did before I got hold of this product. I teach swim lessons and am in the pool all day. I always use spray sunscreen because it is easiest to apply throughout the day. The problem is, the stuff won’t come off! It is like hairspray all over your body. I tried everything and nothing would wipe the film, nothing until Warhorse! I now don’t worry about my sunscreen not washing off after a long pool day. Warhorse will take it off and leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth I don’t even have to use lotion afterwards.

For the man in my life, my helicopter pilot husband, Warhorse has also been a God-send. He flies daily in 100 degree heat, wearing a thick flight suit. He was so prone to break outs on his back just from constant sweat and clogged pores. After using Sweet Solution, his skin is clear and clean! He also doesn’t smell like jet fuel after he washes in it, a win-win for us! This is our favorite product, in fact, I get it mailed around the world to Guam so that we never have to be without. Thank you, Warhorse Solutions for making this amazing and versatile product!
~ Lt. William and Mary Ellen Bartek

Used the body wash as a shampoo without any conditioner. No trouble combing after.

My little one Bella has the finest blonde hair that even after an hour of being brushed looks stringy and knotted up. She uses the shampoo (body wash) WITHOUT any additional conditioner and with absolutely no trouble getting a comb or brush through it afterward. Pretty amazing considering we usually have to slather her head in conditioner AND THEN use a spray conditioner while trying to comb it when it’s wet. I love it and she loves it!

If you don’t go forward with the shampoo I’m going to end up buying the body wash and still using it as shampoo :) Seriously, it changed a lot for dealing with Bella’s fine hair.

~  Farra Lomasney, Asheville, N.C.

Left my skin feeling moisturized and clean!

After doing any type of physical exercise, especially in the heat of summer, the right shower products are essential to keep clean and fresh. I absolutely loved using Warhorse Body Wash with spearmint and eucalyptus. There’s absolutely nothing synthetic or artificial in the bottle, and the high concentration of glycerin, coconut, almond and avocado oils left my skin feeling moisturized and clean.

~ Julie Yegley, eco18 http://eco18.com/little-changes-big-moves-an-ecofit-summer/

And a little goes a long way.

The soap is awesome. I love the lemon in it, not too strong. And a little goes a long way. I don’t like the beaded things that are in most body washes, so that’s a plus. Also, I can use a wash cloth and still get tons of suds without using a loofah. When I use it on my face compared to other face washes, it leaves my face feeling clean and cool and not oily. The bottle is so cool I will reuse it for other things.”

~ Alex Stott, Raleigh, NC. Senior at NC State University, Agriculture Business Major