Washed away stubborn sunscreen!

Every time I use my Warhorse Body Wash, I wonder what in the world I did before I got hold of this product. I teach swim lessons and am in the pool all day. I always use spray sunscreen because it is easiest to apply throughout the day. The problem is, the stuff won’t come off! It is like hairspray all over your body. I tried everything and nothing would wipe the film, nothing until Warhorse! I now don’t worry about my sunscreen not washing off after a long pool day. Warhorse will take it off and leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth I don’t even have to use lotion afterwards.

For the man in my life, my helicopter pilot husband, Warhorse has also been a God-send. He flies daily in 100 degree heat, wearing a thick flight suit. He was so prone to break outs on his back just from constant sweat and clogged pores. After using Sweet Solution, his skin is clear and clean! He also doesn’t smell like jet fuel after he washes in it, a win-win for us! This is our favorite product, in fact, I get it mailed around the world to Guam so that we never have to be without. Thank you, Warhorse Solutions for making this amazing and versatile product!
~ Lt. William and Mary Ellen Bartek