clean seven water bottles later...

This product is fantastic, I had an instance were I had no water in my house for two days and I had to use water bottles (seven to be exact) to shower. so I wanted to test warhorse and see what it could do. I used very little of this product and I was clean seven water bottles later. The best part was my skin was hydrated. II was beyond impressed. I was even able to shave my face after, and I have a thick beard. Since then I have only been using warhorse. Even now the more I use warhorse the more benefits I can feel within my skin. from the glow, to not having to deal with dry skin. I have yet to find something that this product can’t do. I will use warhorse forever and tell my friends about this all natural product that helped me get through two days of not showering to smelling fresh and feeling new all over again.

Cary Littlejohn   March 23, 2017