we take all products that patients use on their skin very seriously

Dr. Kristine Profeta Gedroic is a fierce competitor--with Ably at Wellington years ago, and now as an innovative doctor and mother to 3 boys.
I feel compelled to share my thoughts regarding a terrific natural soap product I and my patients are currently benefiting from. Warhorse Solutions makes natural, vegetable glycerin based soaps for all cleaning purposes. At the Gedroic Medical Institute, we take all products that patients use on their skin very seriously.  The skin is the body’s largest organ and therefore, what we put on it matters.  Warhorse is the only soap I personally, as well as countless patients, have ever used where my skin actually gets softer and feels more moisturized with each use.  Because I see patients all day, I must wash my hands many, many times.  In the past, particularly in the winter, my hands would become very chapped and the skin would split and bleed by the end of the day, until I desperately found some lotion.  With Warhorse, my hands and skin became so soft that I no longer needed lotion.  I really couldn’t believe it.  The first time I used Warhorse on my hands they started chapped and cracked in the morning and by noon they were soft, just by using soap!  No lotion.  Could that really be?  But this is what all of my patients find after using Warhorse.  And, it out performs other soaps in terms of cleaning ability so we feel comfortable with it in a medical office.  Despite its strength however, it is tolerated by our most chemically sensitive patients, as well as those with skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.  In fact, it has become one of our first recommendations for these patients, to switch to Warhorse.
Kristine Gedroic, MD  
Founder, The Gedroic Medical Institute                      
Assistant Professor Rutgers University - Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory  Disease

Dr. Kristine Gedroic received her degree in Biochemistry from Harvard University.  She completed her medical degree at Thomas Jefferson University. She began as a resident in plastic surgery at Cornell University in New York City and later switched paths to pursue Integrative Medicine. She completed a Family Practice Residency at Overlook Hospital in New Jersey and then pursued fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. In 2010 she received board certification from the American Board of Medical Acupuncture.