makes me look forward to taking a shower

Warhorse soaps have changed the way I look at "all in one" soap products.

First, the quality of Warhorse products is top-notch. I really pay attention to labels. I do my best to only use human, animal, and environmentally friendly products. It's important to me and should be important to EVERYONE. Even the bottles are high quality. I love being able to refill the pump bottle, not only to save money but to do what I can for the environment.

Second, Warhorse's Hand and Body wash is wonderful! The lather is silky and substantial. I can feel the high quality clean I'm getting. On top of that, it rinses clean and is an amazingly clean and effective "clarifying shampoo.

Third, the price and availability are unmatched for these high quality products. 

It makes me look forward to taking a shower.

Lindsey Molles