Your products are AMAZING! Thank IGA in Tryon for this email!

We live in Ormond Beach Fla but have a cabin in Lake Lure.  When visiting we always go to our favorite grocery store; the IGA in Tryon.  We were there recently and your Bodywash caught my attention..  While going through the check out line, the Manager so highly recommended your Cleaning Soap that we bought a bottle of that as well.

To say we were impressed would be an understatement.  He was so right!  We kept trying it on different types of cleaning jobs and couldn’t believe the results.  Anyway, after returning to Florida, we bought online two bottles of the Bodywash and a gallon of the Cleaning Soap as we cannot wait to share with family and friends.

Thank you for the time and effort spent in developing these products and sharing them with the general public.  My husband and I wish you much success..

Alice Butcka