"I recommend the entire line of Warhorse products. Not only are they environmentally safe, they are really effective! The Hand Soap is one of my favorites. It cleans skin thoroughly and gently, leaves hands soft and has a great light lemon scent. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner was great for washing my horse turnout blankets. Not only did it cut through the caked on mud, manure and smells; it left the waterproofing intact. I can’t wait to try the whole product line!"

~ Cheryl King, ARIA Certified Dressage Instructor, Greenville, S.C.; Retail Manager, Tryon International Equestrian Center, Tryon, N.C.

"I mixed 3 oz in a spray bottle to try it out on the siding. Sprayed it on and let it soak about 30 seconds and they wipe right off (fantastic). The black spider spots come off with a little more rubbing but they are all gone. Glad I looked around on the internet and found your product. Next I will try to wash the dirty work clothes that never seem to come clean."

~ Larry Pierce, Onalaska, WI

"Henry has stated that he really likes the WarHorse soap product to use to not only wash the shop truck with but to also use as a floor cleaner in the drivers shack. It's also used very well as a soap for our facility. The product works great and is a plus knowing it is green and good for the environment."

~ Kevin Fender, Plant Manager, Southern Concrete

"I pressure washed 3 houses last week and Warhorse is the only cleaner I used. Also this week, put it in a back pack sprayer and sprayed down my Deere dozer, let it set for 30 minutes then hit it with a pressure washer. Worked great. About to start on the motor area. It's very greasy/oily. I haven't been keeping up with how much I use, but I still have half a gallon. So it has went a long way."

~ John Holbert, Holbert Landscaping, Tryon, N.C.

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Cycle World editor-in-chief, used the leather cleaner on a well-used Vanson jacket.
"We select them [products] for publication based on the experience and knowledge we have of many companies and products out there. We do use many of the products.  In this instance, we did use the leather cleaner on a well-used Vanson leather jacket and were pleased with the results."

~ All best, Mark Hoyer, Editor-in-Chief Cycle World, 15215 Alton Parkway, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92618

Reviewed by American Frontiersman Magazine

"Warhorse all-natural leather deep cleaning soap and conditioner can help restore old leather in one application with a classic combination of vegetable glycerin, saponified vegetable oils, water and citric acid."

~ American Frontiersman Magazine

"I started using Warhorse soap several years ago.  I first used it on the vehicles and was amazed out how well it worked.  It removed all the black goo from the trees off my horse trailers and the suicidal bugs off my vehicles.  I pulled the mats out of the back of the horse trailers, cleaned them, and cleaned out the entire back area.  Looks NEW!  Now it is my main household cleaner and laundry detergent.  I had a syringe explode on me while giving a horse a shot and was splattered with blood.  It removed all the blood stains from my shirt.  I also use it to wash my dogs and horses.  Best of all (being a horse person) it is the best tack cleaner and condition I have ever used.  I have gone from a pantry in the house and tack shelf in the barn full of cleaners to one cleaner for everything.  Thanks!"

~ Patti Lovelace, Red Oak Farm, Tryon, N.C.

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"Every time I use my WARHORSEBody Wash, I wonder what in the world I did before I got hold of this product. I teach swim lessons and am in the pool all day. I always use spray sunscreen because it is easiest to apply throughout the day. The problem is, the stuff won't come off! It is like hairspray all over your body. I tried everything and nothing would wipe the film, nothing until Sweet Salvage! I now don't worry about my sunscreen not washing off after a long pool day. Sweet Salvage will take it off and leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth I don't even have to use lotion afterwards."

"For the man in my life, my helicopter pilot husband, WARHORSE has also been a God-send. He flies daily in 100 degree heat, wearing a thick flight suit. He was so prone to break outs on his back just from constant sweat and clogged pores. After using WARHORSE, his skin is clear and clean! He also doesn't smell like jet fuel after he washes in it, a win-win for us! This is our favorite product, in fact, I get it mailed around the world to Guam so that we never have to be without. Thank you, WARHORSE for making this amazing and versatile product!"

~ Lt. William and Mary Ellen Bartek

"My little one Bella has the finest blonde hair that even after an hour of being brushed looks stringy and knotted up. She uses the shampoo WITHOUT any additional conditioner and with absolutely no trouble getting a comb or brush through it afterward. Pretty amazing considering we usually have to slather her head in conditioner AND THEN use a spray conditioner while trying to comb it when it's wet. I love it and she loves it!"

"If you don't go forward with the shampoo I'm going to end up buying the body wash and still using it as shampoo :) Seriously, it changed a lot for dealing with Bella's fine hair."

~  Farra Lomasney, Asheville, N.C.

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"A Shepherd dog Mom and a handful of her pups showed up a tour shelter on September 23, 2014 with Sarcoptic Mange.  They hardly had any fur left just very infected, wrinkled skin! The pups looked like opossums not puppies. Momma dog had bright red, inflamed skin. You could not tell what color any of them were because the Mange had taken over their entire bodies!
I called Tawana from Warhorse and asked her if she had a shampoo that would help these poor fellows. She came over the next day with a bottle of All Natural Pet Shampoo and Conditioner.
We started bathing Mom and pups with the shampoo and I have to tell you almost immediately I saw a difference. First of all the shampoo lathered up real nice and had a very pleasant smell. It also rinsed out very well and quickly, which is a god send bathing animals.
Within a week or so you could see their fur starting to grow back. The puppies were a beautiful black brindle color and Momma dog was a blonde color with strawberry highlights!
The puppies started playing with each other instead of constantly scratching and whining. They would be excited to see us even when we were coming to bathe them! They knew we were helping them.
We had to also treat the Mom and pups with Ivermectin orally to kill the mites but I feel that if we did not bathe them with the Warhorse Shampoo they would have had to deal with the itchy irritated skin much much longer than they had to. 
Warhorse Shampoo is a wonderful product and I want to thank Tawana and Amanda for making this amazing solution. I was so impressed with the results that I went out and bought Warhorse Shampoo and Conditioner for myself! It is fantastic!"

~ Thanks again, Lani Hasselbring, MedicalCare Coordinator, Foothills Humane Society

P.S. Mom and pups tested negative for Scabies about a month or so later and were all sent to Rescue and adopted out.

"I've been meaning to get you pictures of my horses and dogs after a Warhorse bath, but I didn't know I would be bathing a cat with it.  This is a cat that I cannot do anything with but love on him. If I take him to work to get his shots he turns into 18 pounds of fluffy meanness but yet he SAT still and let my 4 year old grandson slather him with Aquafresh toothpaste. Green, red and white streaks all over. His hair is long so I had to shave him but the toothpaste was to the skin. I used your pet shampoo and it works fabulously. He wasn't a very happy cat but he looks and smells great. In the pic he's a Mr. Grumpy face!!"

~ Keri Jenkins, Cloverfield Vet, Tryon, N.C.

"Warhorse’s Pet Cleanser and Conditioner works wonders on our pets and, like the non-toxic Warhorse cleaner that we use to clean our kennels, it did not disappoint! Be Kind cleans all of the dirt and debris from the skin and coat. It has Dead Sea salt in it and other natural ingredients, which works great as skin and coat conditioner. It is works so well that we do not have to use additional products in the coat to condition when we bathe our customers’ pets."

~Dr. Angel Mitchell DVM, Bonnie Brae Veterinarian Hospital and Boarding Kennel
~Star Thompson, Bonnie Brae Boarding Kennel

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