Blue Ridge Naturally™ 

Okay. What does the Blue Ridge province have to do with making a good product? A lot actually. Historically, North Carolina anchored Southern Appalachia's status as a natural medicines and pharmaceutical supply region for a wide range of plant-based ingredients like goldenseal, black cohosh, wild cherry, slippery elm, white willow, and many analogs to traditional Chinese herbs like astragalus and ginseng.

Having the Blue Ridge Naturally™ seal on products (WARHORSE's Pet, Equine, Body Wash, Hand Soap and Pure Gold carry this seal) lets consumers know that the ingredients have been reviewed, are traceable, safely made or grown, and tested, if necessary. 

  • No GMO, synthetic, or artificial inputs are used.
  • No items on the Whole Foods Market and Skin Deep Unacceptable Ingredients lists for inactive ingredients.
  • No microbial, metals, and pesticides toxicity per FDA or EPA limits, as verified by a BRN-recognized third party testing laboratory.

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