WARHORSE Solution's innovative approach to using sustainable processes and local crops into natural cleaning products has developed WARHORSE, a sustainable, naturally aggressive cleaner, concrete release, pet, equine and leather care products. We collaborate with other locals like Appalachian State University and Catawba County's EcoComplex Biodiesel Research Facility in Newton, N.C.


WARHORSE and Catawba both strive to offer students the opportunity to learn and use their expertise for improving sustainability. At one point, 12 students from four universities were doing research in the new Catawba County-Appalachian State University Biodiesel Research, Development and Production Facility. They included undergraduates as well as some working on master's degrees and Ph.D.s from Appalachian State, North Carolina AT&T University, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, according to Barry Edwards, who oversees the facility as director of the county's utilities and engineering department. Warhorse Solutions has provided local high school and college students the opportunity to work with biofuels chemistry up close and personal. Many Polk Co. High School students have made biofuel from the school cafeteria's used cooking oil and have worked with local universities to bring biofuels chemistry and an educational mobile unit with processor and seed press onsite. Students and teachers have traveled to the EcoComplex and Appalachian State to learn more about sustainability and innovative education.

It is the goal of the Catawba County Regional EcoComplex and Resource Recovery Facility to develop a system that will recover all useable products and by-products from a group of private and public partners located in a close-knit defined area, the EcoComplex. This group of partners will work together to use each other's products either as a source of energy or as a raw material for the production of their own product. These shared relationships bring the old saying of "one man's trash is another man's treasure," into real life.



2007-2012. Biofuels and bio systems science curriculum finally arrives at Polk County High with help from WARHORSE founder, Tawana Weicker.

Approximately 200 students from Polk High, Summer 4-H Science Camps, Isothermal Community College, and a few students from RS Central and Hendersonville High have explored biofuels chemistry and sustainability in Polk County.

Jan. 2013. Polk County High receives NC Biotech Center Education Enhancement Grant program.  The $24,000 will help support the new biofuels course and develop bio systems curriculum for students.

 It all started with one student's interest... view the story by clicking here.

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 Fall, 2012. David Thornton and Clemson hosted Polk County Economic and Development members, our school superintendent and a group of high school teachers to educate on the potential of bio systems, sunflowers, and sustainability.

It takes a team to make it happen, to solve pressing challenges by inspiring others through ideas, knowledge, and experience. Polk education just got an injection of advanced learning opportunities: Clemson Tiger Professor David Thornton, Biodiesel Guru and Master of Bio Systems and Sustainability has jumped on the Polk Co. High School bus and helped us develop our emerging biofuels program.

David is down-to-earth, loaded with a wealth of knowledge about biofuels, bio systems, material engineering, and crop feedstocks. Better yet, he's genuinely interested in our growing program and helping Polk High students get a dose of college level research and emerging technology. After working with New Earth Fabricators to revamp our mobile biodiesel and seed press education unit, David spent 2 days with us, sharing his expertise and enthusiasm with our science department. Thanks David, and looking forward to adopting your soldier fly, sunflower, and algae projects.