The Science of Soapmaking

See What We're Made Of

First things first: Respect the skin

The skin is an organ—our largest—and it readily absorbs many of the things we put on it. Trouble is, the skin isn’t exactly choosy about what it takes in. Patches coated in nicotine (a highly potent toxin), absorb just as well as topical medicines or anything else we lather and slather on our bodies. The bottom line: it’s up to us to be good gatekeepers and give our skin the respect it deserves. That means being very picky about what we put into Warhorse soaps. Only sustainably produced, food-grade components make the team.

Our hero, sunflower oil

Courtesy of the sun’s energy, we get sunflowers, and from sunflowers we get sunflower oil: gorgeous, golden, nutrient-rich, and the foundation of our soapmaking.  Among our roster of carefully chosen ingredients, sunflower oil is like the captain of the team.  Its impressive gallery of nutrients features carotenoids and high amounts of vitamin E, which acts as an emollient to keep skin moisturized.

Best of all, Warhorse exclusively uses unrefined sunflower oil that keeps its uniquely full-bodied, seedy aroma and retains essential nutrients.  Most commercial providers won’t sell sunflower oil that hasn’t been stripped of nutrients during the “RBD” process—refine, bleach, deodorize—but after much foraging, we finally found a supplier who will. Warhorse proudly uses unrefined, cold-pressed, non-GMO oil from family-owned Oliver Farm in Georgia. This is food-grade stuff. Your skin deserves nothing less.

The rest of the team: What else makes us WARHORSE?

Sunflower oil is a big deal for us, but it’s only the beginning of the story. From our all-purpose cleaners to our body washes, every Warhorse product is a team effort that calls on an entire buffet of skin-loving ingredients chosen to work perfectly together:

Coconut Oil — Contains lauric acid, which cleans, moisturizes, and adds rich lather.



Vegetable Glycerin Our ultra-moisturizing, non-GMO vegetable glycerin comes from a company certified by the forward-thinking Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Avocado Oil High in oleic fatty acid.


Castor Seed Oil — Castor seed oil is famous the world over for its kindness to hair and skin. It's an amazing moisturizer and creates a rich lather.


Sweet Almond Oil This vitamin-rich oil is a great emollient for soothing dry skin.


Lemongrass Essential Oil — We mix our lemongrass with other essential oils like tea tree, rosemary, rosewood, geranium, and lavender to blend a unique sweet-and-sour scent known to make mouths water.

Lavender Essential Oil — Our lavender essential oil adds a little sweetness to our lemon verbena and lavender formulas.  No artificial perfumes that overwhelm.


Dead Sea Salts and Minerals - To complete the team, we’ve added in an array of micronutrients and Dead Sea minerals such as magnesium and potassium.


Our oils and the essential fatty acids they contain make up the backbone of the team.  We choose these for their beneficial chemical properties and profiles, and we adjust the balance of ingredients to provide the cleaning and moisturizing benefits that each specific formulation needs.


Parts of a well-oiled machine: linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and ricinoleic acid


It’s the combination of these plant oils and their unique fatty acid profiles that empower WARHORSE to get the job done — always safely, and always with your skin in mind.

The end result: products that do everything they can to support the skin and wellness, regardless of the cleaning job. 

One more ingredient…

Our Pure Gold Cleaning Soap and Multi-Purpose Cleaner are super-concentrated for superior value and convenience…which brings us to the final ingredient. Last but definitely not least, the water used for diluting these hard-working formulations comes from your own tap, well or jug. The mix depends on the application, but if you’re preparing, say, Pure Gold for use as a multi-surface cleaner, a single gallon jug of the concentrate will yield 40 quarts of cleaner!  Warhorse has never sold a watered-down bottle of cleaner and we’re not about to start. As we say, “Our Warhorse, your water,” because it makes good economic sense for all of us.

A matter of principle

For all who are interested in such things (and we all should be), Warhorse travels by an environmentally ethical roadmap known as the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. The details can be found by following the link, but in essence, it’s all about striving for authenticity and sustainability across the life cycle of our products, including every component of their design, manufacture, and use. We’re talking about concepts like: prevention of waste, and how it’s preferable to cleaning up environmental messes after the fact; use of renewable feedstocks whenever it’s practicable; and designing for degradation, so that chemical products break down into harmless components instead of sticking around forever. The list goes on, and every item on it is there to ensure responsibility toward our shared present and future, and to foster good stewardship of the planet we call home.


WARHORSE Products are certified by:

Non-GMO Certified Blue Ridge Naturally Got to be NC Agriculture USDA Certified BioPreferred Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil