The Warhorse team is dedicated to:

  • developing effective, healthier cleaning and cleansing products that offer a new kind of cleaning experience.
  • developing learning and collaborative partnerships with students, organizations, and universities.
  • providing opportunities for personal challenge, self-reliance, and individuality.


Warhorse seeks to make biobased cleaning products that are high performing with multi use applications and have competitive economic value, with a keen focus on reducing our environmental footprint and growing partnerships with our local school, organizations, businesses, and universities. 


  • We will be Honest to self, students, community, and environment.
  • We value Hard Work, Self-Reliance, and Personal Responsibility.
  • We take our Commitments and Obligations seriously.
  • We will be Fair, Friendly, and Forgiving in our relations with People, Pets, and Planet.
  • We were born out of Education, and we will continue to give back to Education.
  • We are not a traditional company, so we are always open to Unique Solutions to challenges, which will arise in our company and in our community.


Our natural liquid cleanser and concentrated cleaners are put in durable, reusable, recyclable simple containers. Once the soaps are used, just rinse, peel off the label, and reuse for other purposes or recycle with your community program.

Warhorse Solutions will continue to explore better ways to package and deliver our products to our customers.

Our bottles are industrial strength and can be reused many times.  The amber bottles are durable and make repurposing easy with their attractive color and functional disk top dispenser.