The WARHORSE Mission

Warhorse seeks to make bio-based, high-performing cleaning products that are multi-purpose and economically competitive, with a keen focus on reducing our environmental footprint and growing partnerships with our local schools, organizations, businesses, and universities.


The Warhorse team is dedicated to:

  • Developing effective, healthier cleaning and cleansing products that offer a new kind of cleaning experience.
  • Developing learning and collaborative partnerships with schools, organizations, and universities.
  • Providing opportunities for personal challenge, self-reliance, and individuality.




  • We will be honest to self, students, community, and environment.
  • We will esteem hard work, self-reliance, and personal responsibility.
  • We will take our commitments and obligations seriously.
  • We will be fair, friendly, and forgiving in our relations with people, pets, and planet.
  • We were born out of education, and we will continue to give back to education.
  • We are not a traditional company, and we will always be open to unique solutions to the challenges that arise within our business and our community.


Warhorse’s dedication to community is reflected in the local organizations we support through product and monetary donations. We continue to back the following causes, and will be giving to others in the future:

  • Bella Run Equine: anorganization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of slaughter-bound horses.
  • Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL): Helping Starved, Abused & Neglected Horses in Georgia
  • Foothills Humane SocietyFoothills Humane Society (FHS) is a non-profit, open-admission, adoption-guarantee animal welfare organization serving the rural foothills of Polk County, North Carolina 


Warhorse natural liquid cleansers are put in simple, durable, reusable, recyclable containers. The industrial-strength amber bottles we use are all post-consumer and BPA-free, with an attractive color and durable disc-top dispenser cap. Once the soaps are used, just rinse, peel off the label, and reuse for other purposes or recycle through your community program.

Warhorse Solutions continuously explores better ways of packaging and delivering our products.


Warhorse products are certified by:

The Non GMO Project: Contains NO ingredients that are "genetically modified organisms.” (Plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses, and other animals and plants.)

Blue Ridge Naturally (BRN): NO microbial, metals, or pesticides toxicity per FDA or EPA limits, as verified at least every two years per product by a BRN-recognized third party testing laboratory. No GMO, synthetic, or artificial inputs are used in these products.

Got To Be NC Agriculture: Promotes North Carolina's agricultural bounty to consumers in the state, across the country, and around the world.

WARHORSE Multi Purpose and Leather Cleaners are USDA Certified BioPreferred 90%, providing an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. These products are derived from plants and other renewable agriculture, such as marine, and forestry materials.

The vegetable glycerin in our pet, horse, and humans soaps is sourced from a member company of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, which developed environmental and social criteria to minimize the effects of primary forest deforestation and impact on communities.